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kunshan xinlian textile knitting co., ltd.

contact: manager ni

mob: 13952450020

tel: 86-0512-57630316

fax: 0512-57634515


add: no. 438, kunjia road, development zone, kunshan city

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kunshan xinlian textile knitting co., ltd. is located in kunjia road, kunshan development zone, close to shanghai-nanjing expressway and 312 national highway, and to shanghai in the east. the geographical position is superior and the traffic is convenient. the company's production area is 10,000 square meters, and it is fully equipped. there are 500 imported sewing equipments. the company has 500 employees, including 100 technicians. it mainly produces all kinds of sweaters, knitted pants, etc. the products mainly include: textile, knitting, sweaters, knitted pants and so on. the annual production capacity is 5 million pieces, and the products are exported to japan and other countries.

the company adopts the advanced technology and management experience of japan and other countries, adopts the iso9002 standard management method, and purchases cotton yarn, weaving, dyeing into cloth, typesetting, cutting, nailing, ironing, packaging and other processes according to standard assembly lines. the quality management level is better.

at present, the production staff is taking a new look in the principle of quality assurance, credibility and integrity, unite, deepen reform, improve quality, and step into the new era.

mr. ni jianxin, the general manager of the company, warmly welcomes friends from all walks of life to come and discuss cooperation.

company profile