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jiangxi jiujiang city chemical fiber textile industry: brilliant reproduction

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jiangxi jiujiang city chemical fiber textile industry: brilliant reproduction-尊龙人生就是博首页


the textile and knitting industry is no longer awkward. kunshan xinlian textile knitting co., ltd. is a famous knitting and textile company in kunshan. jiujiang fiber textile industry is not bad.

jiujiang city is one of the three major textile and garment industry bases in jiangxi province. chemical fiber textiles is a century-old industry in jiujiang, and it has experienced ups and downs. nowadays, jiujiang city has fully utilized the advantages along the yangtze river, accelerated the development of the east wind along the yangtze river, and accelerated the production of viscose fiber and cotton yarn production industry. the chemical fiber textile industry is gradually regaining its former glory.

thanks to the advantages along the yangtze river, the cluster effect of textile enterprises in jiujiang city has gradually emerged, initially forming a cotton textile industrial base mainly in pengze, ruichang and jiujiang counties, viscose fiber and printing and dyeing industry mainly in laoshan district and hukou. base. in the first half of this year, the three viscose fiber enterprises of sexili chemical fiber, longda chemical fiber and hang seng chemical fiber co., ltd. completed the production of viscose fiber of 146,000 tons and realized the main business income of 2.336 billion yuan. with the implementation of the production of 400,000 tons of viscose and 600,000 tons of dissolving pulp project of hang seng chemical fiber co., ltd., the 200,000 tons of longda differential chemical fiber phase ii project and the sedeli chemical fiber technology reform project, the viscose fiber production capacity of the city will be 3 to 5 years. the current annual increase of 200,000 tons to 1 million tons per year, accounting for more than 90% of the province's total, has become the country's largest viscose fiber production base.

in saideli (jiangxi) chemical fiber co., ltd., the reporter learned that this year, sedeli chemical fiber actively responded to the unfavorable situation of the weak international and domestic markets, increased research and development efforts, developed high-end products, and achieved full-load production. up to now, the production of viscose fiber has reached 95,000 tons, with an output value of 1.27 billion yuan, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the target of 165,000 tons for the whole year. chen xiaorong, general manager of saideli, said: "our main raw materials, acid, alkali and wood pulp and products are transported by water, which greatly reduces production costs, brings tens of millions of benefits every year, and with the development of the economy along the yangtze river. the supporting industrial chain will be further improved. with the establishment of the sulfuric acid plant and the caustic soda plant, the production cost will be further reduced, and a good foundation will be laid for sedley's investment in jiujiang."

at present, there are more than 620 cotton spinning enterprises in 7 counties (cities, districts) along the yangtze river in jiujiang city, with more than 80,000 employees. it is the main cotton spinning industrial base in jiangxi province. in recent years, a large number of cotton spinning enterprises with advanced technology, first-class equipment and high-grade products have developed and grown along the river. pengze huafu further extended the industrial chain this year, and built a new twist line factory and a 300,000-color yarn production line to form a color-spinning industrial chain of cotton processing, dyeing and spinning. after the expansion of ruichang fengzhu, the scale of cotton spinning reached 100,000 spindles, and the grade of products gradually increased. in addition, some textile enterprises along the yangtze river have revived through the form of retreating into the park, reorganizing, eliminating backward production capacity, and accelerating equipment renewal. weike knitting and vick printing and dyeing invested 600 million yuan to relocate the factory to gutang industrial park. at present, veken knitting has achieved partial production. haiyang company invested 300 million yuan to relocate to chengxi port area and build a high-quality spinning production line of 50,000 spindles. the main plant will be capped. after sanxing textile moved to duchang cailing industrial park, it invested 530 million yuan to build a 60,000-spindle combing line with a production scale of 100,000 spindles. in the first half of this year, the output of cotton yarn along the yangtze river reached 210,000 tons, and the main business income exceeded 10 billion yuan.

in addition to viscose fiber and textiles, the clothing industry, led by companies such as “duck duck” and green winter silk, is in the ascendant. jiujiang city is vigorously developing natural environmental protection apparel such as down and silk, and strives to cultivate a number of clothing and bedding brands. at the same time, accelerate the improvement of the textile and garment industry chain, expand the production scale of apparel fabrics, promote the construction of the textile market, and form a relatively complete textile and garment industry cluster.

at present, in the counties (cities, districts) along the yangtze river in jiujiang city, 8 billion yuan projects such as haiyang shunda and longda chemical fiber phase ii are under construction. after these projects are put into production, the annual output value will be 12 billion yuan. in the year, the total output value of the textile industry along the yangtze river region could reach 42 billion yuan. it is estimated that by 2015, jiujiang city will rely on the construction of the base to achieve 1 million tons of viscose fiber and 1.5 to 2 million spindles. in the near future, a textile manufacturing center in the central region will be on the shores of lake biwa and lushan. the rise of dongpu has become an important force driving the industrial development of the city.


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