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kunshan xinlianfang knitting co., ltd. mainly deals in the textile and knitting industry. the knitting raw materials include natural fiber, chemical fiber, cotton yarn, wool yarn, blended yarn, color spinning yarn, fancy yarn and others.

autumn hasn't arrived yet? it's too late to come! women buy clothes regardless of the season! high-profile hot over-exposed has been somewhat out of date, and the texture of clothing wrapped in romantic warmth is the first choice. a slim-cut cardigan with a waistline, a sturdy bat knit sweater, and tight-fitting pants create a luxurious and elegant girl.

the cute sweater is coming, the fresh and sweet color, the stripe control that is not falling, simple and generous. with the worn denim shorts, how can you not enjoy it? simple mix is very stylish. very beautiful.

this knit sweater, this autumn must have a versatile piece, the back of the sexy unique design, to create a full-fledged princess fashion. simply paired with tight-fitting solid color pants, it is very sweet, is it very fashionable?

the simple and atmospheric style of the sweater, come again, casual and generous, but you will not lose the elegance of the temperament, casual with a pair of tight jeans can go into a variety of occasions, but also visually higher. the v-neck design is still very thin.


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