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how about wearing silk cotton fabric in autumn?

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how about wearing silk cotton fabric in autumn?-尊龙人生就是博首页


whenever autumn comes, clothing has become a matter of many people. most people started to wear autumn clothing, but because of the weather, when it is cold and hot, people don't know how to wear or wear less. the biggest reason for this is the material problem of the clothes. if you wear clothes made of silk cotton fabric, then what you feel in the season when the autumn wind comes will make a different feeling.

tencel cotton fabric has excellent characteristics compared to ordinary cotton products. tencel cotton material is quite smooth to the touch, even if it is sweaty, it does not stick to the body, and the material itself is very flexible. it is suitable for wearing in the early autumn, which is warm and breathable, and not too hot. for the current summer and autumn the alternating weather is perfect.

in the fall, people's demand for clothing is soft, comfortable and comfortable. as the environmentally friendly fabric of the new century, tencel fabric has the moisture absorption and permeability of tencel, and the softness and comfort of cotton has become one of the essential materials for consumers in autumn. it is worthy of consumers' attention that the tencel cotton fabric has strong plasticity and a wide range of applications. consumers often see tiansi cotton shirts, jackets, trousers, etc. on the market. our company is also constantly innovating and developing new styles of tencel cotton fabrics. we are a professional supplier of tencel fabrics, providing you with 220g/m2 double warp double weft silk canvas for jacket trousers, environmental protection, health and comfort.


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