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knitted outerwear

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knitted fabrics are used as outerwear for fabrics. it has the characteristics of bright color, good drape, strong tamper resistance and dimensional stability. according to the fabric, there are varieties of knitted garments such as wool, imitation silk, imitation velvet, imitation leather and polyester cotton. 1 wool-like knitted outerwear: generally made of medium-thick chemical fiber and blended knit fabric with strong hair feel. the varieties include tunic suits, suits, bi-shirts, card suits and windbreakers. 2 imitation silk knit outerwear: generally made of 1 denier polyester monofilament, polyester shaped silk, polyester/cotton core composite yarn, nylon yarn, viscose fiber or acetate fiber and other light and smooth knitted fabric. variety is cheongsam, skirt and men's and women's shirts. 3 faux-knitted knit outerwear: mainly made of rayon, acetate fiber, polyester filament, etc., and soft velvet knit fabric woven with base yarn, such as cotton yarn, cotton-polyester blended yarn, polyester low-elastic yarn. there are women's long skirts, cheongsams, short shawls and so on. 4 faux leather knitted outerwear: mainly made of artificial suede or artificial fur. the varieties include coats, jackets, and safari. 5 polyester-covered cotton knit outerwear: new popular clothing in the 1980s. the polyester cover fabric is made of chemical fiber such as polyester or polypropylene on the front and natural fiber on the reverse side. the garment made of polyester cotton is both crisp, wear-resistant, bright in color, and has the characteristics of moisture absorption and good breathability. there are sportswear, jackets and so on.


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