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sewing of knitwear

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the existing sewing technology and equipment in china's knitting industry are mainly sewing machines of medium and high speed sewing machines (commonly known as "flat cars"), medium and high speed overlock sewing machines (commonly known as "cracking cars"), stretch sewing machines, etc. .

since the knitted fabric is composed of a coil string sleeve, the edge of the cut garment piece is prone to disintegration, so the edge of the garment sheet should be overwrapped (commonly referred to as "copying edge") and then sewn by a sewing machine or the like. the sewing machine and overlock sewing machine are the main types of sewing knitwear. in the sewing process, it is generally necessary to pay attention to the following points.

1. because the fabric of the knitted fabric has the characteristics of extending longitudinally and laterally and the edge coil is easy to be detached, the stitching of the knitted garment should satisfy: (1) the stitch should have a stretch suitable for the knitted fabric. and strong. (2) the stitching should prevent the fabric coil from being dislodged. (3) appropriate control of the density of the stitches. for example, the stitching density of the flat sewing machine of thick fabric is controlled at 9-10 needles/2cm, the seam density of overlock sewing machine is 6-7 needles/2cm, and the stitch density of the flat sewing machine of thin fabric is controlled at 10-11 needles/ 2cm, the seam stitching density of the overlock machine is 7-8 needles/2cm.

2. sutures general cotton knit fabrics are 9.8tex × 4 or 7.4tex × 3 pure cotton and polyester-cotton blended yarn. chemical fiber knitted fabrics use 7.8tex × 2 elastic nylon yarn and 5tex × 6 nylon thread. the suture must meet the following quality requirements:

(1) pure cotton thread (stitch) for sewing machine should use combed cotton thread, which has high strength and uniformity. (2) the suture should have a certain amount of bullets to prevent the thread from being broken due to twisting or crushing of the thread during the sewing process.

(3) the suture must be soft.

(4) the suture must be even and smooth, reduce the resistance or friction of the suture in the groove and pinhole, and avoid the defects such as broken wire and uneven stitch tension.

3. needle the sewing machine needle is also called a needle and a needle. in order to achieve the ideal fit of the needle with the seam and the stitch, a suitable needle must be selected.


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