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with the continuous advent of new chemical fiber raw materials and the modification of existing fibers, the computer control and computer-aided pattern design of knitting equipment, as well as the improvement of the finishing technology of knitted fabrics, have promoted the improvement of the discovery performance of knitted products. .

compared with conventional knitted fabrics, knitted fabrics such as moisture absorbing, deodorizing and warming have an added value of at least 50%, and some even reach 100%. this is to test the technological innovation ability of knitting enterprises, and all enterprises are faced with with uncertainties such as rising labor costs, rising raw material prices, and changes in the rmb exchange rate, the textile industry is under great pressure, but its vitality is everywhere. the same is knitted fabrics, the conventional products sold for tens of dollars a kilogram, and the new fabrics sell for tens of dollars a meter, but also in short supply, this gap is reflected in technology.

the future development of knitted fabrics is very good, and consumer awareness has changed. knitted fabrics are widely used in sportswear, sports shoes and swimwear, etc., and are suitable for the needs of every consumer who advocates healthy living. it is also increasing year by year, especially the demand for t-shirts and women's wear will bring great business opportunities to knitted fabrics in the coming year.


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