Frequently asked questions

Where are you situated?

The Perth KEBOfit team train on the North Inch Park, located on the cricket pitch behind the floodlit rugby pitch every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. Our Kettlebell team train every Tuesday at Stanley Village Hall.

When does the 6 Week Programme start?

The next programme starts on the 14th October >> CLICK HERE TO APPLY TO JOIN

What does KEBOfit stand for?

KEBOfit specialises in KEttlebell & BOdyweight training. These two methods of training create a fitter, leaner and stronger body and mind. This combined with our nutrition coaching programme ensures that you make a sustainable lifestyle change. I DO NOT sell shakes, pills, potions, wraps, detox teas or magical fairy dust. Basically we do not sell you false promises. I will tell you the truth that change is hard, it will take time but if you are prepared to put the work in we will support and guide you through it.

Can I just leave it till the next one?

Of course. Depending on the time of year that I release a programme every 1 - 4 months.

How does lifestyle nutrition work?

Once you have signed up to the programme you will be given your success manual. This manual will give you all the information you need to start making changes around your individual lifestyle. To help kickstart your journey you will also receive 90 simple to make and tasty recipes. On top of this you will be coached on nutriton and supported online away from training sessions so that you come away with a better knowledeg and understanding of nutrition. KEBOfit prides itself on giving you the best information and wants each of its clients to learn while benefiting from the training.

Is the 6 week programme suitable if I haven't exercised for a long time, honestly?

This programme is specifically designed for all abilities. No judgements are made here. As long as you are willing to put in the work to achieve your goals you will see and feel the improvement over time.

Why are you so certain that this will work for me?

Because I have been refining this programme for the past 6 years. Every workout is different so we don't allow your body the chance to get used to and predict what it will be doing. This is key.

I work different shifts - can I switch my training times around?

Absolutely. Pick whatever sessions you want each week. You don't have to stick to the same ones.

Do I need a kettlebell?

You DO NOT require a Kettlebell for the 6 week kickstart programme The 6 week programme is about building your foundation strength through various bodyweight training methods. Online Kettlebell coaching intakes are opened up throughout the year that you can join if you wish to pursue kettlebell training. Please be warned: Kettlebell training takes time and patience in order to grasp the technical elements. You must be prepared for this, its not like picking up a dumbbell and doing a bicep curl. Once trained you will be able to gain access to online kettlebell workouts Your coaching allows you to practice/workout at home and get constant feedback and technical analysis from the coach via video

Will there be social distancing in place?

We are outdoors in a park with a ton of space around us. I assure you that you are in the best possible place for your health & fitness requirements. Fresh air, space and your health and fitness needs taken care of.

Can I follow this programme online instead?

Yes, you have online coaching, access to a private group for support & online workouts as part of your 6-week kickstart so if you can workout from home then this entire programme can absolutely be followed online.

Can I sign up and get started before the start date?

Yes this is possible, when you sign up. Contact the coach and organise this.